Leverage Open Top Containers for Your Waste Management Needs

Open top containers (OTCs) are an efficient method many businesses use to collect and dispose of regular waste or recyclables. Also called dumpsters, roll-off containers, or skip bins, OTCs provide easy access for discarding materials. Below we explore what OTCs are, their benefits, how to select the right OTC, and key factors to consider before getting one.

What Are Open Top Containers (OTC) bins?

Open top containers (OTCs) are large receptacles designed to receive refuse and sit outside facilities to be picked up later by waste management trucks. They have an open top that allows convenient disposal of trash and materials without needing to open lids or bags. OTCs are made of durable materials like steel or durable plastic. They come in different sizes from 2 to 40 cubic yards capacity.

Key Benefits of Using OTC bins

OTCs offer a variety of advantages over traditional waste bins and bags:

– Large capacity suitable for high waste generation facilities

– Easy to toss trash bags or loose material inside

– Locking lids available to prevent unauthorized access

– Save labor of multiple curbside bin trips for waste hauling

– Compatible with automated lift trucks for quick emptying

– Durable for indoor/outdoor use and tough conditions

– Reusable over many years with minimal maintenance

– Facilitate sorting of recyclables if multiple OTCs used

Choosing the Right OTC Bins for your Business or Home

Consider the following when selecting an open top container:

– Volume based on typical waste generation rates

– Material such as metal or plastic based on use conditions

– Lid type – open top only or restrict access options

– Mobility needs – stationary or casters to move around

– Height compatible with waste management truck lift

– Custom colors, logos or labeling available

– Local supplier for quick delivery and service

Getting the optimal size OTC bins with required features avoids overflow or having to exchange containers frequently.

Key Considerations Before Getting an OTC bin

There are a few factors to weigh before acquiring an open top container:

Available space onsite for OTC placement

Make sure you have adequate space on your property to situate the OTC. It should not obstruct pathways or fire exits. There must be room around it for collection trucks to access and service it.

Local regulations on dumpster placement and emptying

Most municipalities have rules about where dumpsters can be located on a property as well as restrictions on when they can be emptied due to noise. Check guidelines.

Access path for waste collection trucks to reach the OTC

There needs to be a clear, unobstructed route for front-loading waste trucks to drive up to the OTC for period emptying. Ensure overhanging wires or beams do not limit access.

In conclusion, OTC bins are a smart investment for businesses that generate sizeable waste volumes. Considering the key criteria will ensure you get the right container to meet service needs, site conditions and compliance requirements. Partnering with an experienced waste management provider is recommended to handle OTC bins provisioning, scheduled servicing and proper disposal.